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Hidden Jewel by Jennifer Strong
Book 1 of the Heartfire Series
Cover Art by Franciscah from Dreamstime.com
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A Heart Divided

The Scottish Highlands, where a race of everlasting beings has lived parallel to mortal man for millennia, until the steady fall of mankind draws them out, into the occasional battle, into view once again. The first book in the Heartfire Series, Hidden Jewel is the story of Ailill~ The beautiful, fiery Princess of the Realm. The ultimate prodigal child, the tiny Highland warrior has mastered each task set for her since birth, has been molded into the ideal future Queen of the Fae. Destined to rule the Fae as well as their mortal counterparts, all of whom share the same ancient Celtic bloodlines, Ailill must overcome a great many obstacles along the way. Tiernan, the firstborn Prince of Alba, has captured her heart but Ailill soon learns that she is destined for much more, that she must cross over the mystical barriers of time and that her heart Must be divided to save her Tribe.
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Kevin MacLeod by chroniceltic

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1st Review & it’s 5 Stars!! :D

WhooHoooo!! I got my first review on Amazon!!! 5 Stars!! It says “Great book” and “This is a well written book. The plot was different than most which makes it stand out. I can’t wait for the next one!” Thank you “Nana” — who ever you are, you just made my week!! <3

Adding Venues & Price Change!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Hidden Jewel is now available through Barnes & Noble, Kobo & Smashwords, as well as Amazon!! I also lowered the price by a buck so it’s now $2.99 at all of those places! Yay! ;D

Romanian Reviewer Laura

Pretty excited here! I had a request for a review copy of my book by Laura in Romania and I see she got it because she took a picture and posted it on her blog! Very Cool! (For Me at least!) Here it is in Romanian! http://luckybooks12.wordpress.com/ And here it is after google translated it! LOL! http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ro&u=http%3A%2F%2Fluckybooks12.wordpress.com%2F&prev=%2Fsearch%3Fq%3DRevin%2Bin%2Bcurand%2Bcu%2BSwagurile%2Bprimite%2Btranslation%26hl%3Den%26tbo%3Dd%26rlz%3D1G1ACAW_ENUS314%26prmd%3Dimvns&sa=X&ei=HLtKUPeuPOzqiwK0hYHACQ&ved=0CDkQ7gEwAA

Quick Update!

We are planning a move across the country in a few months! Ailill and I are very pleased about this! In the meantime, when I am not busy going through 6 years worth of crap a family of 8 has managed to gather, packing up what I can and throwing out the rest <g>, I plan to work diligently on finishing up Book 2. It will mean a lot of late nights but that’s just how it goes with babies in the castle! ;P

I will also be adding Hidden Jewel to other venues next month so that those of you with readers that are not the Kindle will have much easier access to the inner workings of Ailill’s tale, to the ups & downs of the life of a wee princess and her love interest(s)! Hopefully all that will go off without a hitch! <s> Anyways… Thanks for reading, thanks especially for buying my book, those of you that have, and, fyi, a few reviews wouldn’t hurt!


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site updated!

I spent a little time last night updating the site. Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

Free Day!

Hidden jewel will be free for a promotional on Tuesday! Enjoy & please leave a review on Amazon! Thanks!

Hidden Jewel is Available in Print

Hello! Just a quick note to say that Hidden Jewel is now available in print! We are very excited here today! And yes, I am old-fashioned. I like the feel of a book in my hands and the sound of pages being turned! :D

Plus, Ailill has shared so much of the 2nd book lately that my brain is in a perpetual fog from editing! Can’t wait until it is finished and we can move on to Book 3!

Thanks & Happy Reading!


Wise Words From A Friend

"To all of you that have ever waited for the "happily ever after", it’s still out there for you. Everyday, there is someone who looks at the sky, the stars, the moon, and wishes the same thing. Our problem is that we have allowed what others have done to us in our past dictate what people will do in our future. Shed the shackles. Live the life you always wanted. And never be afraid to open your heart to one who makes you smile. Especially if they can do it while keeping their pants on." BJB 7/12/2012 ;)

Coming Soon!

Hidden Jewel will be available in print very soon! We’re so excited! Happy Reading to all who owns the book! And to all who don’t? Make yourself happy and get a copy today! ;P